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The Grande Dame of Fire

It's fascinating to take in the great diversity of opinion surrounding public figures. I  think we see what serves our personal identification purposes from day to day, and we project images of individuals we wish we could have in relationship. Our fantasy friends and lovers. And of course we sling hatred when we find obstruction in our real everyday connections or have an unusually high level on the self-loathing meter. The crucifixion of the Romneys is particularly interesting and perhaps it's the balancing part of last election's excess. Somehow they've become a convenient receptacle for the country's rage. The favorability puzzle. This forlorn country can't figure out who it likes. It likes hating the Romneys.

Before I knew anything, my unschooled reaction to Ann Romney was instantaneous and strong.  Her bold and direct style with no girlish trills, giggles, or apologies made an immediate impression. I was not surprised to discover that she is an Aries. I really got confirmation of my impressions when I saw that she has Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the North Node in Aries as well. A moon in Sagittarius adds to the heat along with Saturn and Pluto in Leo. Pow!!! A grand fire trine to beat all. Except mine.

Aries women are known to be father dominated and true to Aries, Ann was close to hers, but also extremely defiant. From the beginning this woman was determined to do things her own way.  Raised with Welsh Congregationalists, her father had become strongly opposed to all organized religion, although upon her request the family very occasionally attended church, and she nominally identified as an Episcopalian. When Ann decided to join the LDS church, Dad was not pleased. Of course, she went ahead, and chose George Romney as her guide through the process. The moon in Sagittarius speaks of religious longing and a personal connection to the godfigure.

She and Mitt were afraid to tell their parents about their marriage plans fearing opposition, which they did encounter, but she forged ahead on that plan as well.

Then she decided to build a large family and her parents freaked. She forged ahead and told them if they caused any trouble she wouldn't let them see their grandchildren. Naturally Ann Romney got her way once again.

When Mitt was thinking about a second run for the presidency, the boys objected, he was reluctant, but Ann laid down the law and you now see the result. She has a habit of refusing to let men get in her way. Aries people are headstrong crusading types who are oblivious to impediment. They plow through convinced that they are right. "I can beat anybody at his own game" is the phenomenon I apply to them.

The absence of water in Ann's chart compels her to develop her sympathetic nature as compensation. You often see this when an element is lacking. Mrs. Romney is known for helping women in their times of trouble. She's the best friend a person could have and many lay claim to that distinction. The fire trine is built for inspiration, and the Sag moon is a point of emotional generosity and humor, the point Ann dips from in growing the compassion that is so important to her. The fire energy is one of laughter and good times. And very high expectations. Larger than life, if you will. Well, larger than ordinary life. The joy she's so fond of is a Sagittarian necessity.

Aries women are also known to be champions of women's rights, not always in the traditional sense. Since men adore them, and they often marry just out of high school, they tend to enjoy the company of men and consider them their equals. With a husband and five sons, Ann Romney fits that description. But her unwavering support of other women tells more about her loyalties, especially when her friends are weak and in need of vitality. Aries often comes to the aid of struggling creatures of any kind. The moon in Sagittarius loves to come to the rescue, straightening everyone out whether he wants it or not. The "you should, you need to" factor.

Neptune in Libra opposes the Aries planets adding romance and glamour to her persona, plus idealism, confusion, and goddessness. Sensitivity and talent for compassion are also there. Mitt totally idolizes her. A lot of people do. Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini round out the air planets. Fire/air people are often vivacious, social, curious, and highly fun loving. Leadership comes naturally to them.

But she often speaks of the darkness she encountered when she got sick and she even got so weak that she lost control of her bodily functions, not an easy situation for an Aries, who likes to show the world how together she is. How tough and never in need of help. Notice how she has difficulty even saying the word "help" in the interview. Perhaps the Libra Neptune was a way to balance all the fire and lead her through a more gloomy passage. She seems to appreciate what she gained in that dark place, and true to Aries, it was no one's fault. It was her individual destiny. A chance to learn something about helplessness and humility, not known fire traits. And, of course, the opportunity to test her Aries might against an obstacle. A chance to win.

Aries frequently prefer the company of animals to people, much to her husband's chagrin. It is no mystery why Ann loves horses so much, especially with a moon in Sagittarius. The fire planets also point to a person with athletic skill. Sports serve to release the excess that can be problematic for these overheated types.

Zip Dobyns once told me that people with grand fire trines are often criminals or gurus. It's funny. I can easily imagine Ann Romney being a huge hit on the inspirational speaker circuit. She longs for the spotlight with her Saturn at 29 Leo, but that placement also indicates terror of the audience and the native doesn't get comfortable in the limelight until later in life. They wait in the wings until their turn comes, and I think Ann's moment might be here. Uranus is crossing her Aries stellium unleashing her strength and will. She could very well upstage some of the other lights, hackneyed as they've become, with her easy, subtle, relaxed confidence. One has to actually pay attention to hear her. The public seems primed to appreciate her and it will be interesting to see how she blossoms. The self knowledge she's gained through her experiences should come in handy.

Anyone who gets close to Ann Romney cannot resist absorbing some of the potency spilling out of her. You can see that in reporters' faces sometimes as they sort of sit there stunned and blinking for a moment unable to speak when the interview ends. She's not like the others. I was struck by the respect Dr. Siegal was showing Ann, and I found this interview to be a wonderful example of dignified behavior. Good chemistry. Ann is just a stay at home mom, so they say, but this proud Aries can hold her own with the professionals. And probably the gurus and criminals, too.

Should  the United States' destiny include Ann Romney as First Lady, I would expect a sort of royal presence in the White House with inspiration provided for women and attention paid to the challenges of living with long term illnesses. A return to Capricorn elegance would most likely occur. She uses alternative treatments and that, too, could be an addition to our health care bubbling stew pot. She wears her aging face beautifully which will be an inspiration to the gargantuan group of not so young ladies living in this youth centered society. They can barely afford their cosmetic surgery anymore, let alone their joint replacements. If she decides to defy a man again, it could be the president of the United States, and I really wouldn't put it past her.


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24/6/12 9:58 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Or are we progressing backward?

24/6/12 10:31 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Vagaries (hahaha forgot about those) begone!

25/6/12 11:46 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Okay be back later on when I have some time. This is a treat, your article is packed with wonderful thoughts.


25/6/12 11:47 AM  
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Blogger Kashmiri said...

That is a lot of fire! I of course am partial to fire-y gals;)

25/6/12 1:29 PM  
Blogger jm said...

So what is it about fire-y gals you find appealing, Kashmiri? Not that we're so warm, wild, fun, and uplifting, or anything like that. Dazzling and effervescent. Smart and funny. Generous, wise, and good-hearted. What have I missed?

I noticed where you are rather fire-y yourself. And that we share a friend in wonderful Joe, the wordsmith. The astrological gadabout, with heavy Saturn in tow, bumping into your Jupiter.

I can relate to your article on artistic angst. I know about the elevated hopes and then the crashes around the Leo self esteem issue. And the self doubt when others seem to be doing it and we can't get attention. It's the story of my life, and I hear you about the wait. It seems like you're resigned to it, though.

Who the hell am I to think I can make it? Who the hell is going to want to look at my work? Why the hell do I want to be an artist, anyway? More importantly, why do I like the hard road so much? Why couldn't I have become an accountant?

Ha Ha!! Tough questions, man. But I can answer one. About why you like the hard road. Moon in Capricorn primarily. Quincunx Saturn. Square Mars. Looks hard to me.

Aries-Capricorn. Muscling against a solid immovable force, building strength and technique. It's a sign of the time, with Uranus in Aries sq Pluto in Capricorn.

One thing I've found with these energies is a fear of not having the right technique. Saturn in Leo thinks if I only has a little more legitimate skill, they'd be impressed. But that goes against Leo spontaneity and self love for no reason. No proof. That's what Leo is after. Self expression for no reason. It just comes out.

I've seen musicians run scales all night to appreciative audiences and I walk out perplexed, with a headache.

"making it" is an interesting concept.

Who can judge art? I don't think they know out there in the big time. It's happenstance when good work slips through the cracks.

25/6/12 2:46 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

The fire trine is built for inspiration, and the Sag moon is a point of emotional generosity and humor, the point Ann dips from in growing the compassion that is so important to her. The fire energy is one of laughter and good times. And very high expectations. Larger than life, if you will. Well, larger than ordinary life. The joy she's so fond of is a Sagittarian necessity.

I'm so ready for some of this!
We sure see similarity to our beloved Myrtle Rae (tho the salty language has been tamed) and you know how the room changes when she enters. It would be a breath of fresh air.

Here is a woman who has survived harrowing illnesses yet can still offer up a bubble of personal optimism. The story inspires. But even more we intuitively know we can trust those who have survived the crucible, who have gone to the very bottom and come back up. Everyone understands that true wisdom comes from experience.

I guess this is what catches my attention most. Mormons have been persecuted and survived. Most of us know their story to some degree. It's the survival ability that may be the key to this election. We know we are facing great change. For some of us, we are already in the quicksand.

Survival requires that all work together - Ann Romney did not survive her battles without a lot of help from very strong, responsible men in her family.

We'll see. America really does know how to rally in a crisis. We've reached the "all hands on deck" moment.

25/6/12 6:19 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Myrtle Rae? She's always ready. LOL! I had hoped to discipline myself now that I'm back, and not get swept away with enthusiasm, but I can only do so much against natural causes.

That is so interesting about the Moromon church. How unique and wise you are. While so many are ripping the church to shreds you offer this gem. And still people proceed with one persecution after another. The entire sordid history of any of the churches can't be placed on one man's shoulders.

The church will probably come under attack this fall and it will be next to impossible to get across the story of Mitt and his opposition to the worst policies. He's still afraid to defy the church elders. The truth about the Romneys is not that deeply buried but the hatred is too powerful. I'll have to rely on Providence to handle this one.

It's the survival ability that may be the key to this election. We know we are facing great change. For some of us, we are already in the quicksand.

Survival requires that all work together - Ann Romney did not survive her battles without a lot of help from very strong, responsible men in her family.

Key element. Aries and survival. That's why I think Ann is even more important at this time. Pure life force comes with her, plus the ability to take a stand and forge an individual path through the wilderness.

Ann is the main reasaon I made the decision I did. She knows how to organize the life boats.

It's stunning how so many so called intelligent people refuse to acknowledge the chaos and misguidance we are embroiled in now and how much we need real leadership. The upcoming Pluto opposition to the USA sun figures in. Either we keep going down the totalitarian path, or we give in to sun based inspired leadership.

Ann's optimism comes from having overcome life threatening adversity, and you are right. She fully recognizes the help of strong men. Her experience makes it real and she believes that the country is in a similar position and that she and her husband can really do something to help. I want to give them the chance, while keeping my expectations reasonable.

You and I have come from families who keep the memories of survival struggles alive. Most Americans come from similar painful histories, but they choose to forget.

I can't blame them. Ann took her personal battle and applied it universally, and now she knows she can help us with ours. I wonder if it's a form of gratitude and payback. People refuse to comprehend how sick she was and how real she is, and how determined she is to get out on deck and man the sails. She's come to the scene of the accident, the high minded paramedic that she is.

It's excruciating to see how quickly the crowd joins in the crucifixion of Ann, making her talent and strength subordinate to their need to hate the rich. That kind of resentment is crippling. Of course the assets of a person do not dictate the entire reality. In fact, she's a good example of how all the privilege was put to good use. She's headed up foundations that help underprivileged teen-age girls get ahead in life. She's more of an effective feminist than those who seek to divide, accuse, and hate. The name of the organization is Best Friends. It fits. And it fits that she doesn't cloak herself with false praise, but serves the collective quietly and with humility. Women - and men - are due to benefit from her experience.

But each has to come around to awareness at her own pace.

Yes. I agree that the crisis has arrived. I still don't see how far down we have to go before the fix comes, but the appearance of the Romneys is a good sign.

25/6/12 10:07 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I could be setting myself up for a fall, but taking my cue from Ann, I will push on anyway, committed to the cause.

We seem to be inching forward in getting free from the horribly destructive paradigm of ideology and party politics. The people worldwide are afraid, too, since they have relied so long on inspiration from the US. They want us back. Life is hard out there.

The European disaster is worse than the public knows. The global crowd is proceeding with their plan to decimate economies, remove nationalism, and place the citizens under centralized rulership. They want to create a huge pool of cheap labor and the US is next. The fall of the Euro could be the cue for us to stand up.

Some people object to Mitt's talk of American greatness, but I've finally come to understand it. Our North Node in Leo points to inspirational leadership. And no, not necessarily from a Leo. No Napoleans for me, please.

Unfortunately, it's the Left that is pushing this ahead. The world has suffered from extreme dictatorships on both sides, and Leftist dictatorships have been among the worst. They cloak themselves in love of humanity but one should be wise. That's why my political identity has disintegrated. Class warfare is not beneficial right now. We can do that any time.

Mitt Romney is not a right wing ideologue. Too small for him. The Republican party has snapped to attention realizing what's happening and how special the moment is. They want freedom from the stigma they are suffering under, and some very strange things are occuring in conservative circles. They originally hated Mitt, but now they are seeing him as a ticket to something new. Eventually a new identity could come, and the Democrats might be wise to pay attention to their own shortcomings. I don't think we'll survive unless we pull together for a greater cause.

The meeting of Republicans in Utah last week was supposed to support about 400 people. 800 showed up. The buzz is powerful. They talked a lot about foreign policy, and the descent of the Middle East now could use some help. I'm not aligning with the right, but I'm aware of the narrowness of the left. Talking points around the clock are not helpful. Their intelligence needs stoking. To think that you are vastly more moral than another group is not intelligent. To think you are vastly superior is not intelligent. To think that you are not racist is not intelligent. Everyone is.
We all know where superiority games can lead.

I am shocked by own change of perception, and as I said, Pluto thru my 9th blasted holes in my philosophies.

Mitt's insistence on us not becoming like Greece is valid, and in his poetic way, the Greek columns of the Dem convention taunt him.

Ann said it well. When she talked about how everything she stood on was stripped away. People know instinctively that the threat of losing everything their ancestors and families built on this new frontier is being threatened and complete loss is pretty terrifying.

The next wave of the housing crisis is coming. Without a home, people are lost. Maybe we have to descend further into hell before we come up, but that I don't know.

The fight between right and left totalitarianism is as old as the hills, and this country was once the hope (sorry) for people to escape oppression. If we could lay aside our petty selfish addictions, perhaps we could go on to a new phase of leadership with the Pluto return. This is so far beyond policy that it isn't even funny.

One astrologer discussed Mitt Romney and said that if he wins, he'll be inheriting a poison chalice. Well, Moon-joop in Scorpio could even drink from it and survive.

I know not, and frankly, I have misgivings about getting so deeply engaged, but I suppose I feel some hope. The memory of socio-political disaster is still fresh in my psyche and my people haven't suffered (and perished) for no reason. I inherited a crusade too.

I don't want my country to suffer. I don't want anyone to.

25/6/12 11:13 PM  
Blogger jm said...

As I've said before, the political agendas don't matter now. The elections don't either. It's gone to another dimension and no one knows what to do, if we even can do anything for the moment.

Trying to predict the future is futile and can even be an impediment; an escape from grasping the band aids on hand in a reasonable way.

The whole problem of human reproduction and survival in this finite material dimension has not yet been solved. Many people take advantage of other people's loss and confusion, and sadly, we're seeing an escalation of that behavior as resources thin. And yet, we've made it this far. So maybe it solves itself regardless of our interference.

It could be that we are getting to a place when people will have to look out for themselves, but that doesn't mean that we won't continue to be compassionate sharing creatures when we can. I know we can't legislate that goodness, though. The time for saviors is past, and even our beloved Jesus will be less sought after as the Age of Pisces winds down.

We'll adjust and so will the cosmos.

26/6/12 1:49 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

We'll adjust and so will the cosmos.

The cosmos is adjusting to a new pattern it's everywhere you look. Earth and her inhabitants are moving with the long cycles of evolution - retracing a circle, hopefully a bit wiser.

Yes, our Leo node. Funny I was thinking about that yesterday. I still take a few clients, part of my service to others in need. The dominant theme is cutting away, dropping the unnecessary, clearing out. Then the reports of lightness of being start. Letting go.

At the same time there are things we must each do. One is to remember who we are individually. In the way I was raised it was one of the 3 memories and perhaps the most important. Each of us is unique and precious, irreplaceable. We are each asked to remember who we are and what our purpose is. This is so different from the western progress style. From the beginning children are told who they are and what they are going to be.

It's been a burr under my saddle for a long time; the perversion of America's exceptionalism. You are so gifted JM, you have taught me to notice the nodes more. No doubt about it the Leo node has been part of our collective awareness. We've used Hollywood to propagate our myths worldwide. Not too inspiring for a long time. Well, unless we consider how much packaged violence and hate we've been putting out.

It was easy for me to walk away from the left. Once I saw the totalitarian players and the battle that went down in the last nomination cycle where the rules and bylaws were ignored. That was it for me. Fair play is one of our basic tenents.

Aikido is the technique that might be most useful now. I'm noticing how this works most successfully in my own life at the moment. So many want to engage in angry bullying contests. Winning by using the tactics you listed above is not winning at all. It's not rising above the fray now, it's more, not lowering yourself into the mud.

I personally vote against debt slavery, have always walked as far outside that system as possible. It's (feudalism / debt slavery) been a grand plan that's worked for centuries. America has been the shining place that said no. Iceland too. Sovereign self/sacred land.

Pluto might just strip away all the illusions about big daddy knowing what's best.

26/6/12 6:11 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh my. So much substance here. I have to curb my enthusiasm, I think, because my optimism is escalating again. You are so right about the Hollywood myth propagation and the Leo node.

Well, unless we consider how much packaged violence and hate we've been putting out.

Impossible to miss.

I almost cried earlier when I happened upon Cher doing an interview. How can these little people get elevated so high? And what is it with Hollywood stars being political experts. This could be the culmination.

Anyway, she was complaining about Romney (something original) and whining about the white people at his events.

"Where are the real people?" she asks.

Am I to understand that white folks aren't real? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The cry of racism from the left now is excruciating. What on earth good does it do to hate white people? I thought we were in post racial paradise with the last election. Such utter hypocrisy. Yet they claim the moral high ground.

I went through the civil rights struggle to end up with this?

So could the current Hollywood coup be the beginning of the eventual end? It was soon after the turn of the last century when the movie business arose and took over the world, capturing the mythological desire. Neptune was in Leo.

Neptune just left the opposition in Aquarius and maybe there's a connection. Neptune in Pisces should theoretically turn the dream making into real caring for humanity, and I know Hollywood is not in the vanguard of that. Let them begone. Let this be the dramatic farewell. Let the Leo North Node sing and America come home to her idealistic self.

You see what I mean. The optimism is something I must watch.

I know. Bullying. It's amazing to witness the left, paragons of gentle lovingness, get so unbelievably emotionally cruel. And decidedly inarticulate. I say "no" to that as well.

That's what's got my head spinning. The right is taking over some of what the left has desecrated. In reality, some Republicans have been very supportive of women's advancement. The minorities among them rise according to achievement, and keeping them down the way the left is doing, is offering them no favors. I can't support the hate. No one wants to constantly be portrayed as a victim. Will the real victim please stand up? Maybe Neptune in Pisces can "clarify." If I'm a victim I want to know about it. I'm caucasion. That qualifies now. But I have other quirks. And I do admit that on occasion, I criticize President Barack Obama so that hurls me into the racist category. What an atmosphere.

I'm with you on the debt slavery. And these supposed intellectuals keep pushing for more. I've been thinking about the rules of reciprocity that guide some societies. Wouldn't that provide immunity to debt?

Pluto might just strip away all the illusions about big daddy knowing what's best.

I hope so, if I dare. I think big daddy might be developing dementia so we can make our escape.

You know, I missed you so much and I thought about all the unity that was promised. The last election tore us apart and now here we are. Together. The schisms have been severe, but maybe circumstance will guide us all to a little reconciliation in time. But I don't want to get too optimistic(:-) Still, it's a good sign. I even had a family encounter yesterday that didn't involve hysterics. They are refusing to talk politics with me. They are wising up.

It's so good, St. B to have your wonderful mind and heart close to me again. I've not spoken for awhile. Inflexible partitions of consciousness do not appeal to me in conversation.

So guess what?? We're not narrow minded after all!

26/6/12 11:54 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

I can't muster up a lot of enthusiasm for our political process. I'm crossing my fingers for what's best for America and for the world.

For you, always, a place in my heart. Left ventricle sound okay?

The scales fall from our eyes when they are ready to drop I guess. My son was ahead of me, my brother and father are much more like your family, deeply shocked by me.

As one with so many connections to the Sibley chart you'd think I'd have some inkling. Nope.

26/6/12 3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurray! JM thanks for this thought provoking perspective.

26/6/12 5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with that. Astrology sign Aries women has the tendency to dominate but is limited. And yeah same as with Aries father who would rule over children and sometimes termed as strict.

27/6/12 2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Neptune in Pisces should theoretically turn the dream making into real caring for humanity, and I know Hollywood is not in the vanguard of that. Let them begone. Let this be the dramatic farewell. Let the Leo North Node sing and America come home to her idealistic self."

It was the fallout from SOPA that I realized how in bed with Hollywood the Democrats are. And I realized that they were wrong. The outlandish fines for copyright violation (in the hundreds of thousands for a few songs)for example. The internet really is anathema to their model. SOPA was an attempt to shut it down. The big studios may shrink, but individual creativity is on the rise.

27/6/12 1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOPA had a lot of bipartisan support, but Chris Dodd, senator turned lobbyist seems to have been the driving force.

27/6/12 1:45 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Good connection. The Hollywood game has been going on since the beginning and the Democrat alliance is telling. If ever there was a model for tyranny, it's the Hollywood studios. They were run as dictatorships with a handful of men keeping full creative control, ripping off talent as the natural way to do business.

A while back it looked like artists were breaking free, but they seemed to have slipped back to their old ways.

I hadn't thought about SOPA as a similar model, but I see it. Only it's much worse in the secret way they can maneuver and shut down anyone they want. Even though it hasn't passed the attempt will return and it's indicative of the overall consolidation of power and the massive growth of centralized control.

I didn't worry before, but it's escalating so fast. I knew the Democrats were up to no good, but I waited. Then I stepped back and really started to see the game. I reached my limit and left the party.

I was on the verge of giving up, but the idea of individual creativity being on the rise inspires me to forge ahead. It makes sense with Uranus in Aries.

I think it will be impossible for them to capture the Internet, but maybe it would be wise for the talented to diversify and put creative energy into other places along with the Net.
The problem is, in order to stay protected we have to work outside the Hollywood style of massive financing, so maybe the starving artist approach is ultimately the best. Being worthless to them is the best protection against exploitation. But people get caught up in the race.

Theft really can't be controlled, and the idea of protecting intellectual property is interesting. The world of the mind in cyberspace. Now connected to big money. You are right about the fines. It used to follow normal legal proceedings with a claim, but this takes it into a new realm.

I used to ignore the talk of big government, but I'm starting to study the situation. The ability of the gov't to make such a huge power grab with legislation like SOPA makes small gov't attractive. Same with the insurance mandate. We'll see tomorrow.

Small business is paralyzed now and finding the path to financing individual creativity is the challenge.

I have misgivings about Dodd, but I don't know enough. I tend to think we don't have any allies in the government and maybe we'll eventually find good ways to bypass it. Unless it shrinks dramatically, of course, and the crazies find their pots of gold elsewhere. Our pockets are running on empty now.

The pretense of the Democrats helping the common person has been revealed. Populism is dead for the moment. They tried to resurrect it for the election and they are failing. The party needs some re-evaluation.

I eagerly anticipate the time when people will give up the sucker role, and look them straight in the eye with confidence.

27/6/12 6:59 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Well said.

With so many Americans sitting in the middle as Independents there's a whole new game afoot. We just haven't realized our power yet.

Powers with strict limits at the Federal level was put in place by the founding father for reasons that we are once again being acquainted with.

The internet may end up being the way out. My mother in her mid-eighties dumped her TV and only gets her news from the net now. (speaking of giving up the sucker role)

27/6/12 8:07 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Mid 80s???? Holy Toledo! What a gal. No TV. What an inspiration.

You are right about the Independents. This election is the start. Something is in the air.

They're making a big deal about the 54% favoring repeal of the godawful ACA. We shall soon see if the people have won. A little bit will go a long way in terms of empowerment.

Powers with strict limits at the Federal level was put in place by the founding father for reasons that we are once again being acquainted with.

Back to square one. The body politic is pushing hard.

27/6/12 8:18 PM  
Blogger jm said...

This is the first hit of the Uranus-Pluto square. Aries is the individual and Capricorn is the state. Nice test. If we do well there's no telling what we can do with the rest of the transits.

I actually think that the state is not really against us. We're still in it together. The reality of executive power grab has really been shown to we the people and a victory for the citizens would be a victory for the state too. But what a monster it can be.

Testing testing ......

27/6/12 8:30 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Yes, and watching two other bits of news makes me think that the dems are drawing back (tho, how much trust we offer remains to be seen).

1. A large number willing to vote contempt for Holder.

2. A growing number of Dems NOT attending the Dem convention.

I think Americans have always been clear about the kind of government they prefer, it's been pushed to the extremes by both parties for a small minority. It amazes me how this time they were able to control the media so effectively.

27/6/12 8:35 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

This is the first hit of the Uranus-Pluto square. Aries is the individual and Capricorn is the state. Nice test. If we do well there's no telling what we can do with the rest of the transits.

Great thought. It's been tough on some of my friends and others of are in smooth sailing.

27/6/12 8:40 PM  
Blogger jm said...

That is so good about the Holder votes.

Yeah. These people want their jobs and they're lucky to have them. Imagine letting one idiot jeopardize a whole career. There will be more dems revolting now that the business attacks are back in full gear.

CNN and MSNBC are in the sewer, a fitting domicile.

Perhaps the internet has proven to be too strong an adversary. We're going to furiously peck our way to freedom.

27/6/12 8:44 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Sometimes people quickly adjust and get familiar with the warring entities. They experiment and learn techniques. Aries is rarely easy. It keeps jabbing away until the blockage is moved. The battering ram. Our little storm of the Bastille.

27/6/12 8:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It's interesting that this post was all about Aries. Just in time.

Interesting also. Capricorn. Supreme Court. Will they respond to the people's will?

It's really not even right or wrong. Not left or right. Not good or bad. It's simply the people's say.

27/6/12 8:55 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Tomorrow will be very interesting.

27/6/12 9:37 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

It's a velvet evening. Saturn and the moon are next to Spica and Arcturus.

Hope the fires abate quickly and the earth rests.

27/6/12 9:56 PM  
Blogger Kashmiri said...

"One thing I've found with these energies is a fear of not having the right technique"

Ugh. So true. You're right about my chart aspects, too. I feel energized and vexed at the same time.

To answer your question about what I find so appealing about Fire-y women (not just being one, ha): I feel fire is elementally perfect but I also like the wildness of it. I love the idea of a controlled burn and while I am deeply saddened by the toll caused by wildfires, I am totally in awe of them, too.

I love the unapologetic vitality of Fire and when I meet a Fire-y woman it makes me more brave, like I'm welcome to hitch a ride and be myself, too.

Now I shall go back and re-read the comments, hee.

With Saturn approaching my 11th House I've been feeling adrift socially. A lot of it is my own making/compulsion. Perhaps that is another Saturn in Leo trait. Saturn makes its shift and my own Saturn feels driven to move, to create, to burn down, to build again.

30/6/12 1:32 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I love the idea of a controlled burn and while I am deeply saddened by the toll caused by wildfires, I am totally in awe of them, too.

I think that's been the case for humans since the first spark was witnessed.

I love the unapologetic vitality of Fire and when I meet a Fire-y woman it makes me more brave, like I'm welcome to hitch a ride and be myself, too.

Very well said. I think that's one of the defining traits. The honest revelation of self. Confidence. self expression. Aries are fun for me. I can hardly believe some of the things that come out of me with Leos. And Sagittarins are everything.

The inspiration is irresistable and the idea of hitching a ride is good. I think they are often not so needy, so the other is free to come along and enjoy the adventure.

I attribute social disconnectness to Aries somewhat. I've seen high social activity, but many have one foot out the door and an eye on the exit sign. Aries likes to do things alone. Having to share everything can get tedious and can diminish total absorption of sensation. There's a wilderness call, too, I find.

Some times Aries doesn't want to relate every second which seems to be the usual way socially. Sometimes they don't want to explain it.

Interesting. The 11th house is the start of disengagement from ordinary society, even though Aquarius is supposed to so friendly. But detachment really gets going there to culminate in the 12th. Objective distance is great sometimes, I've discovered.

30/6/12 6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jm, I've never thought of the 11th House that way before. It makes perfect sense. I find Aries generally quite forgiving, which is good for people like me with foot-in-Sag disease, ha ha ha.

I am in the process of applying for an artist residency with my city, at one of the park's fieldhouses; the artist gets to use it as a studio in exchange for community engagement.

I'd like to offer workshops and other art related things for those who may be socially alienated, like seniors or recent immigrants. Social alienation is something dear to my heart. Uranus in my 11th maybe. This program runs for the entire time Saturn is in Scorpio!

On my walk today I thought of the Sequoia Performance Project and how inspired that got me.

Thank YOU for lighting my fire, you beautiful soul, you!


30/6/12 10:27 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Ach! Right to the heart, Kashmiri. Thank you, too.

What a perfect use of the 11th house transit as it triggers your natal Saturn. I predict that those alienated souls are going to adore and admire you. The seniors go nuts with these projects. They are fun. They'll teach you about letting loose creatively. People with planets in the 11th are often involved with social services.

In traditional astrology, the house was associated with the hunchback, speaking of downtrodden.

Now I'm inspired. I was thinking today about pouring myself completely into my artistic life. I think they're ready for some honesty out there. We will do well. The city will appreciate you.

Yes I'm excited.

30/6/12 11:08 PM  
Blogger Kashmiri said...

I'm not aligning with the right, but I'm aware of the narrowness of the left. Talking points around the clock are not helpful

Yes, and the middle ground isn't so appealing to me, either--I don't really know why, either. Perhaps because my own upbringing was so different from that of my peers when I was young. I can relate to the Mormon story, even though I wasn't raised Mormon (we were evangelistic, in a non-evangelistic place). My partner was raised Mormon.

It's not rising above the fray now, it's more, not lowering yourself into the mud.

Perhaps this is the middle?

2/7/12 11:46 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Mormon? Really? So you must know something about it, which is more than I can say about most of the so called experts around.

I don't know what the middle is either. Political alignment is far from rewarding these days. I live in a place with a lot of people in the middle and they are pretty easy going and open to ideas. My city elects people from right and left naturally with no apparent rhyme or reason. They are more open minded than some places I've lived.

Where were you raised Kashmiri?

2/7/12 4:25 PM  
Blogger Kashmiri said...

I spent my childhood in northern BC though neither my parents are from there. My Dad moved there for work, there was a lot of industry then-- late 60s/early 70s. My mother is an Aries and specifically moved there to find a man. Ha ha! Go, Aries!

My partner was raised by his mother who came out west alone when she was a teenager from the Prairies. She raised him in the Mormon church but she wasn't as devout as her parents. Meaning she wasn't shunned by her parents for having him out of wedlock. Unfortunately he has very much been treated as the invisible child. It's a strange story.

He thinks Romney won't be elected because he's Mormon (he was raised in the US until he was 15). He admits though that it's a feeling based on experience alone, not knowledge of politics.

His maternal grandparents ended up in the Mormon area in Alberta that at one point had the only Mormon temple in Canada. Incidentally the town is in Blackfoot territory, the largest reserve in Canada though obviously Blackfoot live on both sides of the border.

It's strange place--a town of 3000 people with a giant stone temple in the middle of Blackfoot territory. He was sent there when he was 15 by his mother from where she was raising him alone, to live with his grandparents. It never worked, he was basically cast out permanently. And he ended up with a Blackfoot gal. So he was rejected by the Mormons but accepted by the Blackfoot. He has Moon/Neptune in Scorpio/1st trine 9th House Cancer Mars.

I learned from him that Mormons are h-u-g-e into genealogy, which perhaps ties into what Tseka is saying about survival. HIs experience with Mormonism is so closely linked to his experience with the Blackfoot--one story doesn't exist without the other. I guess that shows in his chart.

2/7/12 9:46 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Wow, Kashmiri. What a tale. Lives can be interesting. It verifies the extent of persecution Tseka mentioned.

The Moon-Neptune shows his fuzzy identity and his own spiritual desire. What a marriage. Mormon and Blackfoot. And what were the Mormons doing there? Escaping?
Did they sort of escape persecution there? I wonder how they got along with the Blackfoots.

He must have knowledge that goes with that rejection and alienation. And Always getting rescued via Neptune. Maybe there's spiritual sanctuary with him.

3/7/12 5:53 AM  
Blogger Kashmiri said...

The Mormons who settled there (on the Canadian side of the border) were part of the movement out west, to escape religious discrimination in the east. I don't know the whole story and am not sure to the extent of which they were persecuted in the east.

I realized this morning while doing a bit of reading that the LDS church was officially organized on April 6, 1830. Aries, again!

Moon/Neptune indeed--one story melts into the others. From the minute he moved there he was an outsider--not Mormon in the way they were and not Blackfoot. You were one or the other. He also started dating the Blackfoot girl almost immediately, which his grandparents hated. He had been raised in urban Seattle so he felt like he'd been dropped on the Moon.

There was a standoff in the early 80s, during which the Blackfoot threatened to take over the temple; they occupied the grain elevators which were on their land (using government boundaries) and off (using Blackfoot boundaries). I haven't been able to find much about that online and my partner was too young to remember, also it was a couple of years before he was sent there.

I get the impression the relationship is/one of 'tolerating' if you know what I mean. His girlfriend's family tolerated him because their relationship and over time he was trusted to a special degree.

Alienation...yes. Absolutely. I think the rejection of his family has shaped him. He has SN in Libra/12th.

3/7/12 7:46 AM  
Anonymous kashmiri said...

I've been thinking about Seqouia and pulled up this post:

The comments are interesting considering what I'm hoping to do for my 11th House. More funny--one of my friends had a baby and named her Sequoia.

Thank you, my dear friend. Somehow the seed that was created 5 years ago has found its way to a planting ground.

3/7/12 9:50 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Ha! Amazing! Sequoia Project verified. Off to a great start. Getting immersed in creative projects is the answer.

4/7/12 3:00 AM  
Blogger Singing Sparrow said...

I don't know why I stopped coming here but I will be back.
I am interested in the direction of this conversation although I am a leftie. There is so much that reaches out to my heart in this conversation.

5/8/12 11:25 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Ha ha! Could be, Singing Sparrow, that the reason for your absence is the fact that I disappeared for at least a year, and the comments have been closed for much longer. So you missed nothing!

I think it matters little what political persuasions we adhere to. I've seen good and bad people on both sides. I prefer to remain unaffiliated, but I've learned how to do that in Colorado, where all people get along, no matter what the politics dictate. We like living here so friendliness and harmony make it a better place. It's easy. That's what we do. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to have an opinion arouse hatred. We need to enjoy the progress we've made, while still working on improvements.

Getting along and enjoying one another's company shouldn't be all that hard.

5/8/12 7:00 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I used to hate Republicans until I found myself living among them. That doesn't mean I agree with their policy ideas, but as people, they come in all flavors.

It's like an old neighbor of mine in Colorado Springs many years ago. She was raised in a racist environment and she didn't like black people. She complained constantly over the fence until her favorite daughter married one. It was hilarious when I went over there and he'd be snoozing in a big chair next to her husband watching TV like it was the most natural thing in the world.

5/8/12 7:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Another example was my arrival in my new townhome community a decade ago. The president of the HOA was a hard rightie who tagged me as a hippie and tried to give me a hard time. Well, soon enough, they discovered that I was a fabulous neighbor. It threw off their perceptions. They realized that the Buddha on my patio was just decorative like everyone else's as he perched peacefully among the geraniums. They wanted me to park my oversize painted van on the street which I did.

Last year at the annual meeting the right winger came to my table and sat next to me. We talked about many things, including politics. We laughed uproariously and had a great time. It was a joyous relief for all involved.

If people prejudge me it doesn't matter. I know who I am. I also have the gift of gab and can usually get along with anyone. I'm an eccentric oddball around these parts, but I think it actually works in my favor. I'm interesting, you know. And I adhere to live and let live.

5/8/12 8:23 PM  
Blogger Aftab Ahmed said...

This is the first hit of the Uranus-Pluto square. Aries is the individual and Capricorn is the state. Nice test. If we do well there's no telling what we can do with the rest of the transits.

2/4/14 12:47 PM  

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