Monday, June 29, 2015

Unconscious Consciousness

Deep in the brain sits an interesting organ called the corpus amygdaloideum. The amygdala  is an almond-shape set of neurons located in the brain's medial temporal lobe. Known to play a key role in the processing of emotions, the amygdala forms part of the limbic system. In humans and other animals, this subcortical brain structure is linked to both fear responses and pleasure.

This odd organ is believed to serve as a communications hub between the parts of the brain that process incoming sensory signals and the parts that interpret them. It can signal that a threat is present, and trigger a fear response or anxiety. 

What has been discovered about this part of the brain is that it has a dual input system. Both inputs run from the eyes, ears, and other sense organs to the thalamus. At that point the inputs diverge. One pathway leads directly to the amygdala while the other first passes through the cortex. Each input causes a unique behavior. The amygdala is specialized for reacting to stimuli and triggering a physiological response.

There is a distinct difference with conscious feelings of fear. These feelings are thought to arise from the second, slower pathway that travels from the sensory input first to the higher cortex and then to the amygdala. In the cortex the frightening stimulus is analyzed in detail, and a message is sent back down.

The initial signal, and its corresponding physiological behaviors, prepares the body for immediate reaction. This is part of the startle circuit. By having the body ready for action, the second circuit can then take a moment to study the signal to determine whether the threat is real or perceived. If real, then the body is already on the go, if perceived, than nothing has been lost. Maybe.

 But there are problems associated with the double wiring between the higher cortex and the amygdala. The neural connections from the cortex down are less well developed than are connections from the amygdala back up. Thus, the amygdala exerts a greater influence on the cortex than vice versa. Once an emotion has been turned on, it is difficult for the cortex to turn it off.

I wonder why that imbalance. Do humans not trust the cortex?

And this is fascinating......

The only sense with direct access to the amygdala is smell. I guess it's real. The smell of fear, that is. The smell of everything and it's emotional behavioral directives.

Are we destined to vacillate between terror and confidence? Is the enigmatic amygdala responsible for fear conditioning? The fact that the amydala generates hate and fear, as well as pleasure, tells me that it can turn on a dime.

People like to be united in common emotion, be it love or hate, or something else. Several years ago, hope was sold to the American people and they bought it enthusiastically. However, hope is a difficult product to warranty. The return of Neptune to  Pisces has reminded many people of their common delusions mixed with all the individual ones. 

My thinking leads me to the current Aries-Capricorn square as usual.

Uranus rules nerve circuitry, and that could be a clue to a fast track in Aries to the cerebral cortex and logic. Capricorn central control. As people remain confused, they entertain doubts about their choices. Being confused, lost, and alone are understandably uncomfortable. A dependable track to the cortex might be beneficial. Conscious decisions could be enjoyed.

Brain functioning aside, maybe one can work with the quirks. I'm sure the amygdala would love to run wild into the paranoid fantasies that Neptune adores, but perhaps one can use the strength of Aries coupled with the logic of Capricorn to influence matters. It looks like as a whole, people could easily be wandering around lost in puzzling brain circuits as Pisces clouds the path ahead. A temporary blindness, so to speak. But from the blindness sometimes comes an alternate way through developed from intuition and feeling. A sort of cosmic braille.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

As the Scientists Discovered

Curious why some people retreat in difficult situations, while others power though, some unusual experiments were done.

Relative to ordinary participants, the the steely subjects showed less blood flow to an area of the brain that helps govern emotional responses, the anterior cingulate cortex. These changes suggest these individuals had less of an emotionally charged reaction to the stressor.

While pushing through discomfort might initially require strenuous effort, over time the brain begins to makes the necessary adjustments automatically.

Very good.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Astrobabble with Winston Moonbat

Hello! Hello! All you gravity challenged voyagers of the universe!
With Uranus in Aries I've been upside down and sideways out here but I just righted my ship long enough to get down and deliver the latest. Unfortunately, it's quite bad.

"Workers at a Ukrainian aquarium didn't believe it when a visitor said a crocodile swallowed her phone. Then the reptile started ringing.
But Gena, the 14 year old reptile who swallowed the phone, has not been living a fairy tale. He hasn't eaten or had a bowel movement for four weeks and appears depressed and in pain."
Well, here's what was going on with the misbegotten creature's planets. He had a sesquiquadrate aspect going on between Pluto and Mars and a biquintile between the Moon and Saturn. You know how terrible that can be. Mars will be moving on and I certainly hope the croc gets his body in order and even if the phone does not pass, he could be receiving some interesting messages when the Sun moves into Gemini shortly. And, of course, Mercury will be going retrograde in that chatty astrological sign. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Gena! I might give you a jingle.
The future? There's no such thing. That's just a silly notion you humans concocted in your ever-active brains. Don't be concerned. You'll get warts.
Now I must head back up and get everyone straightened out in time for Aries target practice. And dust off your dictionaries for the coming Gemini transit. Vocabulary reigns!
Crocodile story: Maria Danilova: Associated Press

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Hexagram of Regeneration

"When the wind blows low on the mountain, it is thrown back and spoils the vegetation. This contains a challenge to improvement. It is the same with debasing attitudes and fashions; they corrupt society. To do away with corruption, the superior man must regenerate society. He must first remove stagnation by stirring up public opinion, as the wind stirs everything, and must then strengthen and tranquilize the character of the people, as the mountain gives tranquility and nourishment to all that grows in its vicinity."
I Ching

Aries likes to go quickly and directly to its target, while Capricorn goes slowly and methodically. The impatience of Aries butting against Capricorn can create paralysis at first, but the ultimate goal is to build new structure together. Aries brings the new, while Capricorn provides enduring foundation and framework time tested by experience. The stagnation that Pluto roots out comes before regeneration can take hold, and I think the idea of tranquility is a good one in the face of the arduous tasks ahead, assuming one is going to take advantage of the opportunities the times are offering.

When Pluto transited the USA Sun in Cancer, a mythological parent came to the rescue, nurturing and caring for the people in a remarkable fashion. To this day, many of the programs remain, although the impoverished frightened citizens are no longer in that dire condition. They've benefited greatly over the years and have remained dependent, expecting the government to be there for them, at least psychologically, while they embarked on years of overindulgence. The American people are overweight in many ways and their survival skills, honed so well during the Great Depression, have atrophied somewhat. The Cancer trait of leaning on a "kind" parent is no longer effective. The parent has gotten cold, calculating, and decidedly unkind, mostly concerned with going about its big business and waging war abroad. Pluto in Capricorn beckons us to stand upright and take responsibility for our destinies. The timing is right. Uranus transits of the Cancer planets facilitate separation.

The strict paring down of Capricorn combined with Uranus in independent Aries is saying that we're being prepared to go it alone more than we used to. There are payoffs for this autonomy, but they won't come into fruition until later. Part of the process is letting go of Cancerian bonds. It's too soon to tell exactly what safety mechanisms will be lost, but eventually new ones will come to replace them. More effective ones, earned through some trial and tribulation, like good forged metal.

Instead of attacking or waiting for the government, we can ideally sidestep it until it measures up to our standards. So the disintegration of the centralized ruling body might help in the long run. The less it has to do the less it will suffer in its inability and the more we citizens can learn and develop alternatives. Being on our own under Aries-Capricorn could prove to be invigorating. It should. The states and communities have more to gain by employing good governance and when the federal body is out of the way, the chance for improvement will take root. Some states are already finding solutions within the breakdown, but it's becoming more and more difficult due to current federal policies. The legislation being passed now is destructive, but destruction is what is called for during this phase. Massive legislation is untimely and doomed to failure.The states and cities need more control. Collapse is not assured, but if we put too much pressure on this weakening central body, the chances increase. Building from the bottom is the best remedy.

There are many areas that could reveal possibilities while people come to understand that there's nothing much they can do to change the system through traditional electoral means. It's a perfect time to move on. Community activism is due to rise and there will surely be dissent in some form, but here is the most important way to thrive in these unusual years.

Look to your own chart. Look at where Pluto is transiting, then look at what your Saturn is doing along with transiting Saturn. These will tell you how to proceed. By facing the problems in our own selves, the cumulative effect holds the promise of a better collective. You have to start at square one. Aries. So pay attention to that sector as well. That's where you get the juice. Let me give you a hypothetical example. It's a technical analysis but you can follow it with focused attention.

Say you have Pluto transiting your Capricorn 7th house. The ruling Saturn sits in Aries at the Midheaven. Pluto crossing the 7th by transit indicates major relationship upheavals and the opportunity for tremendous personal advancement, once the native gets past the do or die moment of possibly losing the bond.

Cancer rising with a Capricorn 7th is an individual who prefers to play the role of child with a responsible adult as partner. The Cancer might want to hide out in her imaginary world while the partner tends to business and keeps the enterprise above water. She wants to rest in the comfort of knowing things will be taken care of. But with Saturn in Aries in the 10th, she also has authoritarian drives and memories of a strong, possibly abusive parent. This is played out in the marriage as the two might jockey for position trying to establish dominance. Considering Saturn in Aries, it's in her destiny to learn how to be the boss, so I would guess she struggles to find the strength to stick up for herself and take charge against her Cancer inclinations. With transiting Pluto, the power struggles come to a head and she can expect much conflict in her relationship for awhile. This serves her Saturn in Aries which tries to teach her to be less afraid of quarrel and self centeredness. Successful self defense is a prime goal. Appropriate expression of anger and aggression must be learned. Reaching her goals depends on unleashing the blocked strength of Saturn in Aries. Capricorn 7th says that an innate control will protect her when things get hairy. She need not be afraid of her own strength any longer.

Compounding the problem is often overemotional Cancer rising. People like this can use their sensitivity as a weapon, always crying about others' callousness, yet knowing exactly how to push reactive emotional buttons. They retreat from direct confrontation in asserting themselves and making clear demands, but they frequently bully emotionally when they want to get their way. They can be manipulative, using guilt against the other to make him acquiesce. Crying, yelling, and all sorts of fits can occur, or sometimes, they retreat in silence to brood. Basically, not a mature way of handling interpersonal conflict. But now with the transits, this one has a fantastic opportunity to gain control of herself and relate well with her partner. Doing this helps her achieve her lifetime goals indicated by the tie-in to the 10th house Saturn. If she doesn't develop these partnership skills, her achievements will be thwarted and she could easily revert to her self-pitying mournful childish ways. If she works with Pluto she can unlock her potential with her partner, share the power, and go on to take down the walls impeding her steps up her own ladder of success. So she's definitely primed to seize this opportunity. The added benefit would be less sorrow over a cruel world that she can't do anything about. In fact, if she works on her own problems the world might look a little better. A little less daunting as she grows into her own authoritarian skill. The breakdown in outside government can be replaced with a construction of her own. Uranus on her MC probably will bring new opportunities and Aries can help her forge ahead in the world.

In this way, the Pluto 7th can use the trouble around her as motivation to bring solutions to the troubles in her own life. If we all did this, it would provide the infinitesimal steps to solving the overall societal problems we are so acutely becoming aware of as a whole. It can reroute us from demanding that political authority figures do it for us. They simply don't have the time or concentration since they are always fundraising. Of course, if you have Pluto in the 11th, you might have to go out and confront the social ills head on, but it still can be done from a perspective of inner achievement. Pluto in Capricorn takes you to the source of authority. I am my own boss. Combined with Aries, self sufficiency, dignity, and the ability to do the right thing can grow naturally.

So many people are complaining bitterly about the wrong that's being done. But you can't force others to do it the way you think is best. So the only alternative is to do the right thing as consistently as you can. Learn to look away from the scene of the crime and build elsewhere. The outside action will continue so you can tune in any time.The whole theme of Aries-Capricorn is the conflict between the individual and the state. It takes almost no effort to see the poor condition of the state at present so that puts the emphasison the individual. It's extremely helpful to recognize where the struggle is and to avoid blaming your fellow citizens for your misery as much as you disagree with their philosophies. Doing this steals valuable vitality which could be used to further your own well-being, which in turn effects the rest of us in a constructive manner. And will be especially handy when the regeneration comes.

Aries combined with Capricorn is like steel and stone, exceptionally strong, durable, and resistant to fear. It creates the proverbial supportive spine that so many people have been mentioning lately. With a disintegrating governmental structure, the creation of a workable personal one is a good alternative. The idea of Pluto in Capricorn is for everyone to find his or her inner executive administrator. The country's government can follow suit if it has any sense left after it hits the earth.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Financial Solutions

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fertility of Failure

Saturn and Achievement
You probably know about Saturn ... restrictions, frustrations, self consciousness and criticism, inner recognition of talent, and the relentless failures that create obstacles to achievement in that sector of life. One hurdle begets another. But for Saturn, failure is a treasure chest that holds the key to solid and enduring success, after trial, error, correction, and perfection.

Saturn delivers rewards only after sustained effort. We're taught that failure is an embarrassment, an invalidation of self, and a blight on one's character, none of which is necessarily true. Not succeeding at a desired goal can merely be a step to higher achievement as a result of working more and improving skills, and waiting until technique is honed to its best productive level.

Frequently failure leads to studying what's wrong, and sometimes this educational nugget is sewn into the fabric of a venture from the start to make sure it doesn't work out. It's only meant to be a step in the direction toward satisfactory achievement, especially if one aims high. The obstacles provide information, direction, and insurance for the future. In that case, failure comes as a relief so one can move on.

I think one secret of a good life is seeing the value in these blocks as an individual progresses, learning not to perceive them as personal flaws, but another day in mastering the tied shoe lace. I'm sure you remember trying over and over to accomplish a feat, even getting to the point of despairing and giving up, but then the magic moment comes and it all clicks into place bringing pride and jubilation.

Saturn can't function without setbacks and disappointment. Much of what is finally produced by the entity rests on the full acceptance of this state of affairs, wherein ideas are formulated and edited and practice is performed until evidence of expertise is tangible. Within failure lies solid confidence, when you realize how good you've become regardless of others' opinions. The aim is to find self validation and then you're ready for presentation in the world with accompanying success. Saturn provides a framework of support while you work on inner development until ready to emerge. Then the restricting barrier comes down.

And so it is for the United States and her Pluto return in Saturn ruled Capricorn. Failure is becoming a familiar phenomenon in American politics as a frustrating paralysis has gripped the governmental processes. After the previous administration hopes were extremely high that the nation's troubles were over when the term ended and the new exciting person took charge. Of course people hoped for quick redemption and better times, but considering the cumulative number of flaws in the system, an acceptance of the country's mistakes will probably be required with no magic bailouts, no shortcuts through enchanted woods, and no magic saviors, even with Neptune in Pisces.

The moist enchanted woods are actually a good symbol for the rich aromatic fertile soil that gives birth to growth with Saturn, especially with Pluto's love of useful decay. And in decay is where our system is. It's no wonder that the chaotic patchwork efforts to piece it together are failing noticeably. So noticeable, in fact, that even the medicated and/or distracted masses are perceiving the absence of success. A very good sign. If the failure is so potent as to penetrate the thick cloud around the American people's cognition, then who knows what could happen? In time. It seems like the fall has been stepped up lately and I think that's also a good sign. With a Saturn return just completed, we're opening a new phase in our destined acquisition of justice and equality through many more challenging encounters. One must always remember, that with Saturn, these prizes must be earned. It's impossible to determine when intellectual ideals match group evolution. The ideals always have to be a step ahead, don't they? So acceptance of the failure to reach them could turn attention to the progress already made and what needs to be done to get to the next level.With Saturn returning to natal Saturn in Libra the phenomenally uncivilized discourse dominating the public arena was impossible to miss. Shocking comments often crossing the border into obscenity have become accepted routine and the infantile name-calling from everywhere keeps sending us further into the dark ages of verbal sharing. If you read speeches from history you can see the decline and it's possible that the descent into barbaric communication has a purpose. Education is also in decline and other factors are combining to bring collective attention to the improvement necessary in order to fulfill the Libran destiny. Libra is one on one and I've always had a theory that the two party system the country favors is the path to learning how to carry on high minded debate and eventual cooperation. Sometimes the opposite is one step to the goal. Language changes as history progresses but the urge to come to productive agreement remains. We really do want to work it out, don't we? We do really like one another, do we not?

Interestingly, the presidential debates this year had a curious combination of civilized exchange and boorish childish outbursts. Bodies were twitching, but a few ideas did actually penetrate the barrier separating the eager listener/students and the frightened ego driven maniacal performers. Truth was evasive inasmuch as it ever honestly wants to be revealed. Glimmers will suffice.

Dreams of an economic promised land for all citizens has diminished markedly and the widening gap between the haves and have-nots seems destined to continue until resolution looms into view. Perhaps the lowered standard of living is exactly what's indicated for numerous reasons, one being the preservation of what we've got left on a finite earth. The psychological health of a population content with what it has instead of grasping and growing every millisecond of the day could be a major payoff after the contraction and failure of Saturn is complete. Of course you know that will take plenty of time in Saturn's slow and steady way.

The failures in the Middle East seem poised to continue and even escalate and these too could be instructive in terms of rerouting the country from her military expansion. Internal conflict with its high level of violence and bursting prison system at home has been neglected in favor of murder elsewhere. I "fail" to see how we can continue on this path and expect a healthy society. But for now, the realities are coming into focus with potential deterioration before repair.

 The grand experiment in creative democracy that started in 1776 has not met its mark quite yet, and a good look at why might help, in case any are still looking for an ideal. With Pluto returning in Capricorn it could seem at first that the failure is profound, and with that understanding some degree of hopelessness can be expected on and off. Exposing the depth of it is probably preferable to covering it up and that takes practice. People who point it out might be shunned since ideas about fixing the systemic failure haven't been fully formulated yet. But listening carefully, as painful as it might be, hopefully will be the choice. Increased governmental control is not the answer given its current state, nor is absence of government considering the helplessness of the body politic. Smaller government, bigger government, it makes no difference when the entity is faulty. Working with the discomfort of Saturn is a virtual guarantee that intelligent use of the time will eventually reap productive results from failure's fertile ground. Theoretically speaking.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dancers and Tycoons

Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries
I understand there is a war against women underway, being waged by rich white men of the Republican persuasion. I'm also aware of the eternal (so far) battle between the sexes with women often identified as the weaker sex. My own experience has pointed to unnamed conflicts within all people that frequently find a hook in the victim-perpetrator dynamic played out continually in personal relationships. The war is ongoing, and those humans who are wise enough to pursue inner peace through negotiations with their warring selves are sometimes fortunate enough to get off the treadmill and find reason not to blame others for their frustrations and failures. Societal injustice does, of course, figure in, but the problem with focusing too intently on outer circumstance is that the chances for correction are slimmer. Dismantling a patriarchy is not an easy task if possible at all. It's much more difficult to change everybody else than it is to adapt and adjust within the individual self. But you know that. In some societies the overt oppression of women is hard to witness, but the United States has been friendly to female advancement in many ways despite some traditional impediments that fluctuate like all societal trends normally do. 

A precedent was established in the beginning when settlers came out west and women were often left to fend for themselves when their burly husbands got an arrow through the heart or never returned from a wild night on the town. Some simply dropped dead in the corn field since quadruple bypass was unavailable at the time. Fend they did, those women, setting the example of fortitude, resourcefulness, and self reliance, and they developed considerable skill at self defense. Some of them even chose not to marry again, even though it was easy to do so with the preponderance of men who needed a cook, a warm body, and someone to make the cabin curtains. They chose rather to brave the elements alone, fiercely guarding their hard won independence. These memories are within the collective female psyche to this day.

When Uranus touches the Moon and/or Venus, the traditional expressions of femaleness can be rerouted and the female biological role comes into question. A rejection of the role is often unacceptable to society and it poses a threat to the propagation of the species, but it's up to the woman herself to stick to her chosen alternative path. Femininity doesn't always have the "normal" outlet with Uranus, which sometimes leads to very creative results.

Well, now Uranus is tampering with USA Venus in Cancer (moon), as is Pluto. The Pluto-Uranus square is on US Jupiter in Cancer. Uranus in Aries (war) is pushing women to thoughts of independence and personal achievement even if rebellion is required. Pluto in Capricorn is bringing in urges to forge ahead in the outer world away from the protection and sanctity of the home. This is the perfect storm of inner tension involved in this so called war, regardless of what some man, or all men, are doing, be they Democrats or Republicans. Or Communists. The arbitrary divisions assigned to political parties are not as clear cut as many believe. The intelligent Democrat with its heart open wide pouring out infinite love is food for cartoons. The mean spirited  Republican wishing to return to a dark and evil age need not travel at all. That age is the present and always is in one way or another. Recognizing the source of the conflict helps enable resolution of the problem. The fatal flaws of the time are often blamed on a manufactured enemy. The source of oppression, real as it is, can often elude rational recognition. So ages vacillate between enlightenment and darkness apparently on a trajectory of their own.

Stay at home mothers are now pariahs bringing a new twist, especially since career pursuits have not borne fruit as hoped and career mothers are particularly conflicted. A woman can cry in pain and despair with hatred toward Republicans and all assorted enemies, but it distorts the picture and clouds pathways to personal fulfillment. She can hate men all she wants, and I admit that for some women it is an enjoyable sport. Or she can align with males and pick up some knowledge.

 I've found men to be supportive of and often inspired by women's power. They sometimes take pride in facilitating that development and sponsor them on their rise. Another player in the competitive game is always fun for them, especially pretty and pert tycoons. It's up to women to pick these educational specimens and walk away from the troublesome ones that might restrain them and try to hold then down. It's a wide world. Instead of a liability, a smart woman can turn her perceived disadvantage into an opportunity.

The last time Uranus was in Aries,  from 1927 to 1934, women kicked themselves free while Pluto was in Cancer disrupting their security at home. Life made them restless, and they broke out in wild dancing, smoking cigarettes, drinking spirits with the guys, gambling, cutting their hair, and breaking the confines of femininity in many ways. The flapper was the symbol of the modern unconventional woman.

Coco Chanel initiated a fashion revolution in the 1920s that liberated women from their corsets in favor of soft stretchy fabric that breathed and moved, and some outfits that took on a masculine character. She came from nothing and created a huge business empire, never marrying and consciously refusing to be shackled by societal norms. The changes in clothing took the nation by storm and women were unleashed, free to do what they wanted and shake up the world. (Uranus in Aries)

They wanted to be different, to announce their departure from the Gibson Girl's morals. So they smoked. Something only men had done previously. Their parents were shocked.
"I was sure my girls had never experimented with a hip-pocket flask, flirted with other women's husbands, or smoked cigarettes. My wife entertained the same smug delusion, and was saying something like that out loud at the dinner table one day. And then she began to talk about other girls.'They tell me that that Purvis girl has cigarette parties at her home,' remarked my wife.
She was saying it for the benefit of Elizabeth, who runs somewhat with the Purvis girl. Elizabeth was regarding her mother with curious eyes. She made no reply to her mother, but turning to me, right there at the table, she said: 'Dad, let's see your cigarettes.'
Without the slightest suspicion of what was forthcoming, I threw Elizabeth my cigarettes. She withdrew a fag from the package, tapped it on the back of her left hand, inserted it between her lips, reached over and took my lighted cigarette from my mouth, lit her own cigarette and blew airy rings toward the ceiling.
My wife nearly fell out of her chair, and I might have fallen out of mine if I hadn't been momentarily stunned."
The trends follow social and political conditions, not oppression of one group over another, although that might be a symptom. The historical facts in the time of the flappers and the last Uranus in Aries transit are interesting.

"Before the start of World War I, the Gibson Girl was the rage. Inspired by Charles Dana Gibson's drawings, the Gibson Girl wore her long hair loosely on top of her head and wore a long straight skirt and a shirt with a high collar. She was feminine but also broke through several gender barriers for her attire allowed her to participate in sports, including golf, roller skating, and bicycling.
Then World War I started. The young men of the world were being used as cannon fodder for an older generation's ideals and mistakes. The attrition rate in the trenches left few with the hope that they would survive long enough to return home. They found themselves inflicted with an 'eat-drink-and-be-merry-for-tomorrow-we-die spirit.'  Far away from the society that raised them and faced with the reality of death, many searched (and found) extreme life experiences before they entered the battlefield.
When the war was over, the survivors went home and the world tried to return to normalcy. Unfortunately, settling down in peacetime proved more difficult than expected. During the war, the boys had fought against both the enemy and death in far away lands; the girls had bought into the patriotic fervor and aggressively entered the workforce. During the war, both the boys and the girls of this generation had broken out of society's structure; they found it very difficult to return.
They found themselves expected to settle down into the humdrum routine of American life as if nothing had happened, to accept the moral dicta of elders who seemed to them still to be living in a Pollyanna land of rosy ideals which the war had killed for them. They couldn't do it, and they very disrespectfully said so.
Women were just as anxious as the men to avoid returning to society's rules and roles after the war. In the age of the Gibson Girl, young women did not date, they waited until a proper young man formally paid her interest with suitable intentions (i.e. marriage). However, nearly a whole generation of young men had died in the war, leaving nearly a whole generation of young women without possible suitors. Young women decided that they were not willing to waste away their young lives waiting idly for spinsterhood; they were going to enjoy life.
The 'Younger Generation' was breaking away from the old set of values."

I grew up in a progressive environment during the wave of women's liberation in the 1960s. Brassieres were burned and nipples burst free. It was uncomfortable in ways in its disturbing newness. Women sang meaningful songs about life and wore work clothes and nonsexy flat  shoes. They charged into the world of men and rose to the top of professional ladders only to regret what they'd sacrificed to get there. They discovered what it's like to play unethical games which are a requirement in the high powered business world. They suffered. They then struggled to marry the traditional female roles with professional ones eventually mimicking the ills of manhood with rising levels of heart disease and other such side effects. They smoked their way into lung cancer and finally into psychological depression, feeling possibly even more thwarted than they originally did. Naturally, they blamed the men.

Then a strange thing happened. The big retrograde. Nipples were covered again and now a woman can't purchase a bra without protective padding. Cleavage made a huge comeback, though, and high heels shot up inches beyond where they were before. Women are hobbled once again. Voices returned to Betty Boopness, a sign of repressed sexuality. Then hemlines traveled back up to the crotch further inhibiting freedom of movement, but maybe I'm getting a little too technical here. Suffice it to say, that a certain regression has occurred. Why? The vicissitudes of life I suppose. Or the pullback before the next wave of freedom. It's always a matter of contrast and progression is circular it seems. One always returns to square one.

Now what? Women are on a threshold with more choice than ever, and maybe the terror of that freedom is making them a little crazy. What is the nature of the new liberating force? Can they return to traditional female roles without censure? Are not the women themselves holding each other back with the current wave of public criticism and emotional violence? Cat fighting is enjoying a resurgence which contradicts feminism as I understand it. The women's rights activists are extremely strident but the cause is unclear, other than to publicly eviscerate and humiliate women they don't care for. If there is a sisterhood, what form does it take? And maybe Uranus in Aries is freeing women from the sisterhood itself, allowing them to cut a completely unique and independent path, allowing their distrust of other women to freely exist without guilt. Perhaps our daughters will inherit greater freedom and find the road to self respect and power which will translate into societal admiration and whatever paycheck they want, big or small. Or none. Maybe they can get their feet out of the hobbles.

There's always Pluto in Aries coming right up. That could influence the course of events. At any rate, I'll not panic until Uranus gets through Aries. But I'm  a cheat -- an Aries rising with Mars square Uranus. It's old hat. Men, women, mothers, fathers, they're all complicit. God is too, I think. Jesus seems to be off the hook. He's a strange sort of guy.

Anyway, back in the olden days, women were involved in wars, literally, but the difference then is that they were not in the role of victim. They smartly took advantage of the greater war to charge into the battlefields of their choosing, armed with flasks and cigarettes. Ready for freedom.